Principles of Nursing II2

Fundamentos de Enfermagem II

Curse code:9500109

Fernanda Manuela Loureiro

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:


  • To know the guiding principles of nursing practice.
  • To understand the nursing process and its importance in decision making.
  • To know the taxonomies and classifications for nursing practice: documents of the nursing process.
  • To understand the importance and differences of information systems in nursing (classic and current).
  • To understand the meaning of Minimum Data Summary and the importance of generating quality indicators of nursing care.
  • To recall the areas of the profession social mandate as defined in the descriptive statements of the quality standards of the Nurses' Order.
  • To know the minimum set of standards for Information Systems in nursing.
  • To understand the areas of the profession Social Mandate as defined in the Nursing Quality Standards.
  • To carry out care plans based on a nursing classification in computer applications.
  • To reflect on the comfort, quality of life and healthy lifestyles and their implication for health.
  • To develop knowledge for systematized and prioritized action in situations of immobility.
  • To perform different procedures and nursing techniques in the laboratory.
  • To know nutritional needs throughout the life cycle.
  1. Guiding principles of nursing practice.
  2. Decision making and methodology of the nursing process.
  3. Information systems in nursing (International Classification for Nursing Practice, CIPE).
  4. Comfort and quality of life.
  5. Body, mind and movement.
  6. Lifelong food.
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