Training Programmes

Mobility for training at Egas Moniz is possible under the following conditions:

1Language skills
Incoming students that will have contact with patients during the training mobility must have a level of competence in Portuguese language of at least B2

2Training embedded in courses
The only training opportunities available for Erasmus Students are the ones offered by each study programme.
To apply for training at Egas Moniz, students are invited to choose at least one course (programme component) from the Study Programmes in the field of the mobility application (see training opportunities aside).

3Mobility for training certificates with ECTS credits information
In order to receive a Transcript of Records (or an Egas Moniz Official Certificate) with recognized ECTS credits, students must abide to Egas Moniz's academic calendar, and to the rules and regulations of the chosen courses, including taking part in all evaluations specified in the respective course guides.

4Training for periods shorter than one semester
Periods of training shorter than one semester are possible under the following situations:

  • The chosen course(s) is/are in the field of dentistry;
  • The chosen course is organized in well defined independent modules, both in duration and partial evaluation;
  • The training is in scientific research.

Training Certificates (short periods)

Training for periods shorter than one semester are recognized with a certificate from the dental clinic direction (in the case of training in dentistry) or from the International Relations Office, not by the academic services.
All certificates issued by other services that the officialy qualified academic services are informative of the duration, field study and mark of the training period, not of the ECTS credits
For information of sending institutions, Egas Moniz uses the formula 1 ECTS = 27 working hours, still these certificates account only for contact hours.

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