Application procedures for incoming students

Egas Moniz uses an online procedure for application of Erasmus incoming students via MobilidadeNet portal.

You will receive your access credentials once you have been nominated by email by your home institution.

Your home University nominates you by email as Erasmus incoming student to Egas Moniz. After being nominated, you will receive an email from Egas Moniz with instructions on the access and steps of your application.
To students: If you have not received an email from Egas Moniz, please confirm with your home institution that you have been already nominated.
To Institutions: If you did not receive instructions by Egas Moniz to how nominate your students, please contact us.

Deadlines for Nomination

First semester and Full academic year:  May 15th
Second semester:  October 30th 

After this step you become an ERASMUS NOMINATED STUDENT to Egas Moniz

You will receive an email with instructions to fill in the Application Form on MobilidadeNet (see Application Guide here).

03Complete and Submit:
Please read the Application Form carefully and complete it with your personal and mobility data, including a passport-type photo. 
You will also need to complete the Learning Agreement (either at the same time or later), indicating the modules you intend to take at Egas Moniz. This is for our internal organization and can be changed during the mobility, if necessary and by indication of one of the Mobility Coordinators.
You can find our course catalogue in Study Programmes (for mobility for Studies) or in Training Programmes (for mobility for Training).The choice of at least one course/module is mandatory for any type of Mobility.

Deadlines for Application

First semester and Full academic year: June 15th
Second semester: November 15th 

After this step you become an ERASMUS APPLICANT STUDENT to Egas Moniz

After submission, your application will be evaluated by the Mobility Coordinator of your field of study at Egas Moniz. If no information is provided regarding the courses you would like to register for, or if the mobility activity you are applying for is not feasible at Egas Moniz, your application will be, most probably, rejected.

05Acceptance Letter:
Once your application has been appproved, a letter of acceptance will be issued.
If you happen not to receive this letter after being approved as Erasmus Incoming Student, please contact us.

After this step you become an ERASMUS INCOMING STUDENT to Egas Moniz