Forensic Sci.

Forensic Sexology2

Sexologia Forense

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Jorge Manuel Dos Santos Cardoso

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

Objectives: contextualize the sexual violence in a multi factorial perspective, describing its diverse formats, contexts and circumstances of expression; present the main models of cognitions and behaviours of sexual aggressors and sexual violence victims’ dynamics; describe the main methodologies of psychological assessment of both aggressors and victims; present the standard treatment options for sexual aggressors and discuss the recurrence probabilities; present the key strategies of psychological intervention on the sexual violence victims.
Skills: recognise the multi factorial dimension associated with sexual violence; understand the main models of sexual violence dynamics according to both perspectives, aggressor and victim; understand and discuss the potential benefits and limitations of the several assessment strategies applied to aggressors and victims; understand and discuss the main characteristics of the treatment programmes for sexual aggressors with main focus on the cognitive restructuring and recurrence prevention; understand and discuss the major models of intervention with sexual violence victims.



  1. Sexuality / Clinical Sexology / Forensic Sexology.
  2. Central aspects of sexual behaviour.
  3. Sexual violence.
  4. Paraphilias.
  5. Sexual aggressors.
  6. Victims of sexual aggression.
Suggested Bibliography:
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