Forensic Sci.

Criminal Investigation Methodology2

Metodologia de Investigação Criminal

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António Manuel Duarte Carvalho

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:
  • To know the system of judiciary organization.
  • To decide if the process of evidence gathering is according the law.
  • To articulate the activity of forensic technician or scientist with that of criminal investigation.
  • To know the principles of criminal investigation.
  • To know and practice the operational thought.
  • To identify the hypothesis of work and establish its order of probability.
  • To create mechanisms of validation.
  • To validate the sources of information.
  • To identify and apply forms of preservation of means of proof.
  • To know how to make a report.
  1. Judiciary organization.
  2. Crime Law and Police.
  3. Methodological principles of Criminal Investigation.
  4. Strategy of investigation.
  5. Building hypothesis of work.
  6. Analysing hypothesis.
  7. Operational thought.
  8. Methods of criminal investigation.
  9. Analysis of criminal intelligence.
  10. Techniques of elaboration of reports.
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