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Medicina Legal

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Jorge Manuel Matias Da Costa Santos

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

To convey some knowledge about Legal Medicine not only as an autonomous forensic discipline but also its relationship with other forensic sciences in order to contribute to the justice realization.
The main goal of this unit is to update students on methods and techniques of medico-legal investigation at the crime scene as well as in hospital, autopsy room and laboratories. Students must know what other forensic scientists do, when, where, why and how do it, in order to provide the highest level of cooperation, and the best investigation results. This unit aims to convey some knowledge about Legal Medicine and its different kind of forensic interventions, either in a clinical ground or in an autopsy one. The most suitable way to teach the theoretical basis of the most important issues of this unit is through seminars or lectures presented by lecturers and researchers in the area. In order to promote the bibliographic search, critical reading, the integration of knowledge, and training and support of a scientifically valid opinion, the presentation and discussion of scientific articles are contemplated at the practice classes.
In the end of this unit, students must be able to recognize the large field of the forensic medicine and work with forensic pathologists and medical examiners, and apply the latest scientific and technological knowledge in order to identify medical evidences in people and dead bodies.

  1. Legal medicine and its different organization models in Europe and North America.
  2. Introduction to forensic epidemiology and trauma.
  3. Clinical forensic medicine.
  4. Forensic pathology.
  5. Forensic psychiatry and psychology.
  6. Forensic pathologist and/or medical examiner.
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