Forensic Sci.

Forensic Analytical Techniques I2

Técnicas Analiticas Forenses I

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Alexandre Luís De Matos Botica Cortes Quintas

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

This class will be focus on the basic techniques used for sampling and sample preparation in forensic sciences as well as in the analytical methodologies commonly used in a forensic laboratory. At the completion of the course, a successful student will be able to developed theoretical and practical scientific skills in order to prepare and develop a forensic analysis from sample preparation to the detection and quantification of target compounds using chromatographic, spectroscopy and immunological techniques.

  1. Introduction to the methods used in sampling, sample preparation and storage.
  2. Spectroscopy in Forensic Sciences.
  3. Fundamentals and application of chromatographic methodologies in the field of Forensic Sciences.
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