Forensic Sci.

Statistic Methods in Forensic Science2

Estatística Aplicada às Ciências Forenses

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Luís Francisco Alexandrino Proença

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:
  • Formulate statistical hypotheses.
  • Select and apply appropriate statistical methods based on data and problem characteristics.
  • Interpret, discuss and recognize the limitations of statistical results.
  • Correctly synthesize statistical information of various types.
  • Understand and apply concepts of descriptive statistics and inferential statistical methods.
  • Critically select the most appropriate statistical procedures and interpret the obtained results.
  • Use specific software packages to perform statistical analysis.
  1. Data organization. Fundamental concepts in statistics.
  2. Descriptive statistics.
  3. Understanding inferential statistics.
  4. Association and correlation.
  5. Regression analysis.
Suggested Bibliography:
  • Callegari-Jacques SM (2003) Bioestatística: Princípios e Aplicações, Artmed. ISBN: 9788536300924
  • Lucy D (2005) Introduction to Statistics for Forensic Scientists, Wiley. ISBN: 0470022019
  • Marôco J (2011) Análise Estatística com o SPSS Statistics, ReportNumber. ISBN: 9789899676329


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