Forensic Sci.

Principles of Anatomy2

Anatomia Geral

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José Francisco Fernandes da Cruz Grillo Evangelista

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

The Course of Human Anatomy 1st cycle of LCFC aims to impart an integrated knowledge of descriptive anatomy and functional anatomy.

  1. Anatomic position, Anatomic spatial references.
  2. Osteology.
  3. Arthrology.
  4. Myology.
  5. Cardiovascular System.
  6. Respiratory System.
  7. Digestive System.
  8. Urogenital Systems.
  9. Peripheral Nervous System.
  10. Central Nervous System.
  11. Autonomic Nervous System.
  12. Sensory Organs.
  13. Endocrine Glands.
Suggested Bibliography:
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