Forensic Sci.

Forensic Lab Skills2

Introdução aos Laboratórios Forenses

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Paula Manuela Lopes Correia Da Silva

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

This curricular unit has the purpose to develop skills transversal to the different areas of the scientific forensic work.

It is intended that the student:

  • Develops critical and analytical scientific reasoning.
  • Develops skills on applying the methodologies in the resolution of problems.
  • Develops skills of laboratorial practices in chemistry, biochemistry and biology.
  • Develops abilities in the information research.
  • Develops abilities related with data observation, registration, presentation and handling.
  • Develops skills in the communication of the information.
  1. History and Philosophy of Sciences. Scientific revolutions. Ethics and Science.
  2. Laboratorial Practices.
  3. Introduction to Scientific Research.
  4. Information research.
  5. Communication and information.
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