1Histology and Haematology

Histologia e Hematologia

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Pedro Miguel Antunes Oliveira

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

Knowledge and microscopic identification of human cells and tissues, and its relation to the understanding of different pathologies. To ensure the purpose of training: differentiation, maturation and function of specific blood elements as well as haemostasis.

The student must possess the essential tools for the development of study, clinical research and laboratory practice.
  1. Study of cells and tissues: epithelial tissue, glandular tissue, support (connective) tissue, adipose tissue, cartilaginous tissue, bone tissue.
  2. Bone marrow, blood and circulatory system, muscular tissue, nervous tissue.
  3. Formation and function of blood cells, pathophysiological mechanism of anaemia and its laboratory diagnosis. Correct interpretation of a CBC.
  4. Pathophysiological mechanism of haemostasis.
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