1Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

Sistemas Terapêuticos Avançados

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Ana Isabel Henriques Dias Fernandes Pinto

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

Provide the adequate knowledge to understand, design and produce advanced drug delivery and targeting systems. Identify strategies to control the spatial and temporal presentation of drugs (conventional and biopharmaceuticals) and to protect the drug from physiological degradation or elimination, to maximize drug effectiveness and patient compliance. Present the polymers used, the various manufacturing technologies and their application, by administration route. Identify and understand the mechanisms involved in the process of drug release.
Promote the acquisition and development of research and reflection attitudes, group work and, simultaneously, develop individual skills, leadership, critical thinking and the ability to present ideas.
The students should be able to recognize the advantages and limitations of the therapeutic use of the systems under study and apply the latest scientific and technological knowledge to the development of new products and in solving problems.

  1. Advanced drug delivery and targeting systems: concepts and terminology, advantages and drawbacks.
  2. Conventional drugs and biopharmaceuticals (therapeutic peptides and proteins; oligonucleotides and genes). Use in prevention, therapy and diagnosis. Anatomical and physiological barriers; strategies to improve bioavailability. Role and type of polymers used (soluble, insoluble, biodegradable, bioerodible, mucoadhesive, dendrimers).
  3. Modified release dosage forms controlled by diffusion (reservoir and matrix), dissolution, erosion/diffusion/dissolution, osmotic pressure and ion exchange. Mathematical models.
  4. Systems for oral (uni- and multiparticulate), transdermal, pulmonary, vaginal, ophthalmic, CNS and parenteral administration. Active and passive targeting. Colloidal systems (liposomes, micro- and nanoparticles, micelles) and soluble polymer conjugates (prodrugs). Commercial systems and perspectives for future development.
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