Forensic Sci.

Questioned Document Analysis2


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Manuel José Coimbra Mourato

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

Conveyance of technical and scientific knowledge in the field of Questioned Documents concerning it scope, goals and competences. Knowledge and identification of different types of counterfeit and forged documents. Contact with practical cases related to the identification of general and security documents forgeries and counterfeits. Conveyance of theoretical and practical knowledge about the methodologies used for questioned document analysis. Interpretation and evaluation of results concerning different laboratory document analysis techniques.
In the end of the Unit, students must be able to recognize and analyse different types of document counterfeits and forgeries, including security documents.

  1. Questioned document analysis.
  2. Legal aspects of document analysis.
  3. Document types.
  4. Study of document substrates.
  5. Printing techniques.
  6. Biometric elements.
  7. Security elements used on printing production.
  8. Difractive optical variable image devices.
  9. Techniques used on post-printing and personalization stages.
  10. Documental analysis.
  11. Laboratory methodologies and technical analysis of questioned documents.
  12. Study, interpretation and evaluation of laboratory analysis techniques results for forensic expertises about questioned documents.
  13. The questioned documents forensic evidence.
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