Forensic Sci.

Practical Case Studies2

Estudo Independente de Casos Práticos

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Alexandre Luís De Matos Botica Cortes Quintas

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

This unit comprises the realization of an internship that aims to integrate the student in the workplace. As such, the student must apply in practice the knowledge acquired during the course, through activities and tutored functions.
It is intended that students acquire technical and scientific skills in a real work environment, translated into the ability to participate in design tasks, with an efficient and high degree of autonomy performance, and if possible with the promotion of interdisciplinarity. The student should also, during this stage, develop exposure capability, reasoning, initiative and adapt to new situations, and enhance the ability to establish and promote interpersonal relationships.



The course aims to achieve an internship where they will be addressed, according to the training camp, the different areas of Forensic Sciences.
Lab practical classes:
The internship will be held in different areas and the establishment of specific goals will be made individually and the preparation of the working plan should be discussed and analyzed by the parties, ISCSEM (internal advisor) and welcoming institution (external advisor).
At the end of internship the student must prepare a report that describes succinctly and objectively the activities developed.



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