Forensic Sci.

Criminal Procedure2

Direito Processual Penal

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António José André Inácio

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:
  • Know and distinguish the Criminal Procedure Law as particular branch of law.
  • Identify the major Fundamental Principles of PPD.
  • Distinguish between Patients and Participants Procedure, meet the main rights and duties.
  • Knowing the main duties of the prosecutor and the Criminal Police Bodies.
  • Identify the major types of criminal proceedings.
  • Knowing the stage of the process.
  • Distinguish the evidence, the means of obtaining evidence.
  • Know the concept of detention and coercive measures.
  • Distinguish the effects of Nullity and irregularities.
  1. Concept of procedural criminal law.
  2. Auxiliary sciences of criminal.
  3. Process types.
  4. Subjects and procedure participants.
  5. The prosecutor and the OPC.
  6. The process, its path.
  7. The proof of evidence.
  8. Means of obtaining evidence.
  9. Detention and coercive measures.
  10. Nullity and irregularities.
Suggested Bibliography:
  • Silva GM (2009-2010-2011) Curso de processo penal (Vols. 1-3), Lisboa, Babel. ISBN 9789722230117 / ISBN: 9789722230438 / ISBN: 9789722216364
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