Forensic Sci.

Criminal Sociology2

Sociologia Criminal

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Noémia Da Glória Mendes Lopes

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

Our goal is for the students to acquire specific sociological knowledge about the social processes related to the phenomena of normativity and deviation in modern societies, namely in the Portuguese society.
In the end of this curricular unit, students may have gained theoretical, analytical and practical skills needed to interpret (i) the social phenomenology in the multiple interdependencies between normativity and deviation, both in the individual and collective behavior; (ii) the sociological determinants in criminality patterns, as well as its current reconfiguration tendencies.

  1. Criminality, characterization and tendencies.
  2. Criminality, theories and critical analysis.
  3. Civilizational process and violence.
  4. Regulation processes and social paradoxes.
Suggested Bibliography:
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