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Sociology and Sociological Methods2

Sociologia e Métodos Sociológicos

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Noémia Da Glória Mendes Lopes

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

To provide basic sociological understanding about the social processes that are responsible for structuring and regulating how human collectives are organized, in a macro-societal level as well as in a day-to-day basis. To introduce general notions on operationalizing the main techniques for collecting social data and on the requirements for their methodological validity. At the end of this CU students should be able: to use sociological concepts to interpret social tensions and normativeness in modern societies, specifically in what concerns the Portuguese society; to identify the current demographic transformations and its effects on the reorganization of everyday life; to know how to manage and control the requirements for constructing validated indicators for collecting social data, namely the questionnaire and its subsequent sociological analysis.

  1. Sociological Analysis.
  2. Social Data and Research Methodology.
  3. Social Phenomenology: the Suicide.
  4. The Social Construction of Reality.
  5. Society and Demographical Changes.
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