Biomedical Lab Sci

Clinical Pathology II2

Patologia Clinica II

Course code:68209

Maria João Pimenta Hilário

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

The CU Clinical Pathology II aims to deepen the awareness of the phisiopathological and laboratorial assumptions of various specific valences of Pathology in order to provide a comprehensive and integrated vision of Clinical Pathology also addressed in specific and complementary CU. It is intended that the student can make this interconnection in interrelated laboratory evaluation of analytical result. Thus, at the end of this unit, we expect that the student will be able to:

      • Know the fundamentals contents of the CU
      • Know the main areas of Clinical Pathology
      • Understand the multidisciplinary application of this Curricular Unit
      • Acquire competencies into the main methods used in the laboratorial study of Pathology
      • Know the equipment and how to perform the techniques done at classes
        1. Interconnection/complementarity
        2. The real value, the analytical value and the error
        3. The analytical profiles and biological markers in each system
        4. Cardiovascular system
        5. Respiratory system
        6. Osteo-articular system
        7. Oral and gastrointestinal cavity
        8. Liver, Gallbladder and Biliary Tract
        9. Pancreas
        10. Urinary system
        11. Male Genital System and Lower Urinary Tract
        12. Endocrine System
        13. Central nervous system
Suggested Bibliography:
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          • Burtis CA & Bruns DE (2014). Tietz Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry