Biomedical Lab Sci

Laboratorial Immunology1

Imunologia Laboratorial

Course code:68210

Luciana Maria Gonçalves Da Costa

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

At the end of this unit, we expect that the student will be able to:

  • Understand the composition and function of the immune system, namely concerned to the basic and general aspects of immune response.
  • Know and understand the main mechanisms underlying the modulation of the immune response in physiologic conditions.
  • Know the main areas of Immunopathology: Immunodeficiency, Allergy, Infection, Auto-immune diseases and Tumors.
  • Understand the multidisciplinary application of Immunology’s study.
  • Acquire competencies into the main methods used in the laboratorial study of Immunology, including diagnostics.
  • Know how to perform the basic immunological techniques.
  • Become familiar with the routine of laboratorial work engaged in an immunology laboratory
  1. Introduction to the study of Immunology. General aspects and multidisciplinary approach.
  2. Basic and general concepts about immune system and its functional aspects.
  3. Organization of the immune system: cells, organs and systems.
  4. Innate and acquired immune response.
  5. Immunoregulation and Clinic Immunology: Immunodeficiency, Allergy, Immunology of infection, Auto-immune diseases and Immunology of tumours.
  6. Theoretical approach to the experimental techniques to be develop and executed in the laboratory. Interpretation of results in a clinical context.
General concepts of safety and quality in the Immunology laboratory.
Basic laboratory techniques used in routine immunological diagnosis.
Cell separation techniques and applications to the study of cellular immunology.
Applications in clinical context and in research.
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