Biomedical Lab Sci

Laboratorial Hygiene and Safety2

Higiene e Segurança Laboratorial

Course code:68114

Catarina Isabel Sousa Paraíso Bernardes Sousa

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:
  • Be able to describe the structure and differentiate the function of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, and understand the relationship between structure and function.
  • Know the main legislation and international standards
  • Know how to identify hazards
  • Have acquired concrete notions of biosecurity in the laboratory
  • Understand the importance of establishing rules and routines that minimize occupational hazards
  • Relate good professional performance practices with the reduce of the number of microorganisms and other contaminants in the workplace
  • Disseminate implementation strategies of universal precautions
  • Know the collective protective equipment
  • Use correctly the personal protective equipment
  • Understand the reasons for maintaining and promoting good standards of hygiene, health and safety in the workplace
  • Assess occupational risks
  • Make proposals of preventive and protective measures for the elimination or minimization of occupational hazards, with the aim of increasing safety and reducing the occupational diseases
  1. Concepts of Hygiene, Health and Safety at Work; Legislation
  2. Identification of hazards (biological, chemical, physical and ergonomic) in the laboratory
  3. Organization and management of the occupational hazards prevention
  4. Methodology for risk assessment
  5. Main control methods for reducing risks
  6. Accidents at work
  7. Work diseases
Collective and personal protection measures
Individual postures of prevention
Prevention, protection and fire fighting
Importance of the CDC recommendations for the control of infection; Universal precautions
The cross-infection and the laboratory / professionals
Importance of the existence of infection control programs in the laboratory
Hygienic cleaning of the laboratory
Decontamination of the material and of the environment; Safe handling and storage of waste
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