Biomedical Lab Sci

Anatomy II2

Anatomia II

Course code:68113

José Francisco Fernandes da Cruz Grillo Evangelista

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:
  • Be able to identify and locate the exact position of a structure
  • Be able to observe and describe accurately and objectively structure
  • Be able to explain the relationship between form and function
  • Know the anatomical terminology they will use during their career and will enable them to communicate with other elements of a multidisciplinary team or research
  • Have acquired anatomical notions indispensable to understanding the other course subjects
  1. Heart.
  2. Vascular System.
  3. Respiratory System.
  4. Digestive System.
  5. Urogenital System.
  6. Endocrine System.
  7. Central Nervous System.
  8. Estesiology. 
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