Biomedical Lab Sci



Course code:68109

Duarte Pedro de Sousa Tavares

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

Instrumental competences

  • know the limitations of statistical analysis
  • adapt the methodology to the problem under
  • distinguish descriptive statistics from statistical inference
  • apply techniques of descriptive statistics
  • understand the concept of sampling distribution
  • understand the concepts of Population, Sample, Parameter Estimator and Skewness
  • estimate confidence intervals
  • distinguish parametric and nonparametric tests
  • apply parametric and nonparametric tests
  • distinguish and apply the different types of statistical regression

Interpersonal competences

  • recognise statistics as an independent scientific field with connections to other sciences and as an important field of knowledge in the society and in the modern science
  • literature reviews
  • work as a team

Systemic competences

  • collect and organize the information required for the study to be performed
  • describe the information clearly and concisely to facilitate the research
  • perform calculations using the statistical tool SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) and interpret the results

The theoretical lessons, which may take on a theoretical and practical character, cover the following programmatic contents:

  1. Exploratory Analysis of Univariate Data
  2. Exploratory Analysis of Bivariate Data
  3. Confidence Intervals: mean, variance and proportion
  4. Hypothesis Tests and Comparison of Data through Parametric and Non-Parametric Tests
  5. Notions of Statistical Inference: Linear Regression and Logistic Regression
Analysis of real-world problem situations related to the programmatic contents of theoretical classes and exercise solving, using the SPSS software.
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