Biomedical Lab Sci

Research Methodologies2

Metodologias de Investigação

Course code:68307

Júlia Ribeiro Antunes

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

This is an introductory unit course that has as main objective the transmission of basic knowledge, in the area of methodologies of research, to students who will engage very soon in their first research work. It is intended, in particular, to guide students on various scientific techniques that can be used, clarify the different types of existing studies and characterize the various stages of the research process by providing knowledge that facilitates the future development and implementation of a research project. While taking greater awareness to the importance of the scientific method, the student should develop the scientific spirit, in particular the ability to obtain, integrate and critically analyze the available information and the accuracy to be applied in data processing and in interpretation and dissemination of results.

  1. Science and Scientific Knowledge
    The Scientific Knowledge and the Scientific Spirit
    Science – Concept and Features
  2. Methodology and Scientific Techniques
    The concept of Method
    The Scientific Techniques

  3. Scientific Research
    The Research Process - Concept and Stages
    The Research Process - Concept and Stages
    The Objectives of the Research and its Questions or Hypothesis
    The Research Design
    Approaches for Qualitative Research
    Descriptive Type studies
    Correlational Type Studies
    Experimental Type Studies
    Sampling Methods
    Data Collection Methods
    Statistical Analysis of the Data
    Data Analysis Methods in Qualitative Research
    Presentation and Interpretation of the Results
    Communication of Results
    Critical Analysis of Research Reports

  4. The Bibliographical Sources
    The Bibliographical Research
    How to Use References and Elaborate Bibliographies

  5. Health Research
    Types of Research
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