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Catarina Isabel Sousa Paraíso Bernardes Sousa

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

The CUnit of Genetics serves to connect the concepts that students are about to learn with what they already know. It also serves to provide each student with a solid framework for integrating the material that comes later.

At the end of the curricular unit, student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate to have knowledge about the mechanisms related with genes / genomes.
  • Have a global vision of the problems related with the genes, in particular genetic diseases.
  • Relate the importance of the rapid evolution of molecular genetics with its use in the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of various genetic disorders.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the incidence, prevalence and public health impact of genetic disorders.
  • Demonstrate thinking skills and ability to apply the knowledge gained to new situations, including the resolution of practical problems.
  • Relate mechanisms and / or genetic events with some of future actions as a Technician of Biomedical Laboratorial Sciences.
  1. Introduction to genetics study.
  2. Impact of the Genetics on modern society and its predictive, preventive and therapeutic action.
  3. Areas of the human and medical genetic.
  4. Genetics and the Organism.
  5. Molecular Genetics.
  6. Cell cycle; Mitosis; Meiosis.
  7. DNA recombination.
  8. Mutagenesis, mutations and genetic variation.
  9. Mechanisms of DNA repair.
  10. The genetic basis of inheritance.
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