Biomedical Lab Sci

General Biochemistry2

Bioquímica Geral

Course code:68110

Maria Gabriela Machado de Almeida

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:


  • To learn the basic concepts of biochemistry
  • To get a broad overview of the molecular phenomena involved in biological processes
  • To understand the role of several biomarkers in pathological conditions


  • Recognizes the terminology, nomenclature and conventions used in biochemistry
  • Describes the main classes of biological molecules and metabolic pathways
  • Understands the basic principles and functional mechanisms in living organisms
  • Knows the main structural and/or functional changes of the functional and regulatory entities of the human body, arising from changes intrinsic or extrinsic to them and that cause pathological situations or adverse effects
  • Identifies and understands several problems in the human body, correlating them with laboratory practices that are relevant to the screening, diagnosis and monitoring of disease conditions
  • Develops research work in its professional field as well as in other related areas
  1. Introduction
    General concepts. Historical revision.
    Small biological molecules.
  2. Amino acids and Proteins
    Amino acids: definition and classes.
    Proteins: structure and properties. Isoelectric point. Cofactors.
  3. Enzyme kinetics
    Classification and nomenclature of enzymes.
    Reaction rate. Michaelis-Menten kinetics.
    Regulation of enzyme activity.
  4. Metabolisms
    Anabolism and catabolism: general aspects.
    Metabolism of carbohydrates: glycolysis, Krebs’ cycle. Oxidative phosphorylation.
    Neoglucogenesis. The Cori’s cycle. 
    Metabolism of lipids: digestion, absorption and transport of lipids. B-Oxidation of fat acids. Ketogenesis. 
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