Biomedical Lab Sci

Histotechnology I2

Histotecnologia I

Course code:68206

Pedro José Nina Lopes

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:
  • Recognize/interpret the role of the professional in the laboratory.
  • Recognize/apply in a correct way the terminology used in this professional area.
  • Recognize and know how to handle all necessary equipment for carrying out tasks in this professional area.
  • Follow the work methodology applied in the laboratory.
  • Evaluate tasks that must be carried out, and apply an efficient work methodology, minimizing efforts, reducing possible mistakes and permitting better results.
  • Propose alternatives to solve problems which may occur during a certain task.
  • Carry out tasks obeying to safety rules and enhancing quality.
  • Develop studies and participate in investigation projects.
  • Develop new techniques which support diagnostic.
  • Develop macroscopic and/or microscopic examination of cells/tissues as disease indicators.
  • Demonstrate the ability to collect and select the appropriate biological samples and the relevant procedures for clinical and laboratory needs.
  1. Organics of the pathological anatomy laboratory.
  2. Concepts of biopsy, surgical specimens, extemporaneous exam, section.
  3. General concepts of the macroscopic exam.
  4. Equipment and material used during the macroscopic exam.
  5. Fundamentals of fixation procedures.
  6. Fundamentals of decalcification procedures.
  7. Tissue processing .
  8. Embedding methods and techniques.
  9. Microtomy techniques.
  10. Fundamentals of staining.
  11. Equipment and material used in staining.
  12. Cytology techniques.
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