Biomedical Lab Sci

Health Psychology2

Psicologia da Saúde

Course code:68101

Ana Cristina Cardoso das Neves

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:
  • Identify the key differences between the explanatory models of health and disease.
  • Recognize the importance of interpersonal relationship in adherence of salutogenic behaviours.
  • Recognize the ideologies and practices of education / health communication, as well as demonstrating critical reflexivity about the multiple logics in which it is organized.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of different approaches in the Psychology domain behind the construction of health campaigns and behind persuasive oral presentations in the health care area.
  • Contribute to the quality of services provided by a technician of Laboratory Biomedical Sciences by promoting wellbeing and quality of life, for users of the health services.


  1. Psychology in health contexts
  2. The concept of health and disease throughout history
  3. Health Psychology in Promoting Healthy Behaviors
  4. Determinants of healthy behavior
  5. Health Promotion Strategies
  6. Theoretical foundations of Human Communication
  7. Interpersonal Communication
  8. Information provided in Health Contexts
  9. Communication Skills in Health Professions
  10. Management of emotions in interpersonal relationship
Theoretical / practical classes:
Case study related to the contents covered in lectures
Health Education Campaigns and other health communication and intervention plans: analysis and group discussion
Rules for students to develop writing a scientific paper
Presentation of analysis to health education campaigns 
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