Erasmus Policy Statement

Egas Moniz's international (EU and non-EU) strategy

EMThe Egas Moniz, CRL is concerned to make a judicious choice of their partners. It is periodically carried out a survey of the needs in terms of thematic areas. The Institutions search involves not only the Erasmus Coordinators as well as the Departmental Coordinators and the students themselves. The search for future partners is based on the credibility and competence of the partner in the specific area. After the identification of potential partners, these are contacted in order to discuss the feasibility of cooperation and the conditions upon which it can be attainable. Curricular plans are compared to determine the feasibility of mobility and ensure its quality. It is also taken into consideration issues such as the criteria to be applied in the selection of participants, the basic time-lines for their nomination and acceptance, evaluation forms and the sending of results. In respect of expressions of interest by foreign Institutions, with regard to collaborations with Egas Moniz, CRL, there is always an effort to satisfy, as far as possible, the requests received. Preparatory visits are scheduled to foreign Institutions, when necessary, and representatives of foreign Institutions are received when appropriate.

Egas Moniz, CRL strives to diversify its collaborations to establish protocols of collaboration with Institutions of various countries of origin, either in the context of the participating countries in the Programme or in the context of non-participating countries such as Brazil and Angola. It is interest of Egas Moniz, CRL to promote the European and International exchange in order to enable the students and staff different alternatives to allow them a rich experience from a scientific, educational, cultural, social and personal points of view.

Mobility in Egas Moniz, CRL has involved mostly students of the 1st Cycle to participating countries in the Erasmus programme. Teaching staff mobility has been held in relatively small number but, following a strong effort in the divulgation, the demand and the interest is growing. The mobility of employees to training has suffered a slight increase. The strategy of Egas Moniz, CRL has been to explore and continue every opportunity of collaborations with non-participating countries in the Programme. Erasmus Coordinators aim to increase the number of mobilities of students of 1st and 2nd Cycles to participating countries and non-participanting countries. Furthermore, Erasmus Coordinators aim to promote staff mobility, creating conditions so that this is possible (in particular in terms of flexibility of timetables and financial support). It has been purpose of Erasmus Coordinators not only the establishment of an increasing number of bilateral agreements with foreign higher education Institutions as well as training agreements with credible foreign companies (in particular laboratories and hospitals), in order to create learning opportunities and increase the skills of the participants.

It is intended, in this way, to increase the level of professional competitiveness of students. It is also aimed to continue to invest in the quality of "outgoing" and "incoming" mobilities, with regard to the selection of well prepared and motivated participants, to the rigour in the definition of mobility agreements, to maximizing the financial support granted, the scientific monitoring and the quality of the conditions offered to participants, in particular, the linguistic preparation and accommodation. In the case of participants "incoming", these can make free use of Portuguese courses and stay, at affordable prices, on the Egas Moniz University Residence.

Egas Moniz's international strategy for the organisation and implementation of international (EU and non-EU) cooperation projects in teaching and training in relation to projects implemented under the Erasmus+ Programme.

The Egas Moniz, CRL compromises to examine the possibility and feasibility of developing projects for Erasmus Intensive Programmes, Networks and to integrate Consortia within the Erasmus Programme, as part of its strategy of modernization and internationalization. These projects are aimed at, in particular, the deepening of knowledge and the development of curriculum plans in specific areas and the strengthening of the relationship between higher education Institutions and other companies, in order to the valorization and experience acquisition of the participants. These projects are organized and implemented on the basis of pre-established objectives and depending on the capacity and needs of Institutions and other companies involved.

The Egas Moniz, CRL will assure the maximum possible support to the participants (both financial and administrative support) and will assign the highest visibility possible to all activities associated with the projects and their results, to promote creativity and innovation.

Expected impact of Egas Moniz participation in the Programme on the institutional modernisation in terms of the policy objectives we intend to achieve.

One of the main priorities of Egas Moniz, CRL, in the context of its strategy of modernization and internationalization, is the mobility of students (for study and training) and staff, in order to promote the learning of students and staff and to enable students to achieve a higher level of employability.

The establishment of European and International cooperation projects will improve the quality and usefulness of the learning of students and staff due to the development, in particular, of the study plans and to the greater interconnection between higher education Institutions, other companies and research Institutions. This will promote excellence in teaching, will result in an improvement of staff performance, in general, and will contribute to increase the employability of students.

Thus, Egas Moniz, CRL will develop efforts to increase cooperation with participating and non-participating countries in the Program and to promote and support the mobility of students and staff on the basis of non-discrimination policies. The Egas Moniz, CRL still undertakes to examine the feasibility of developing double, multiple and joint degrees. The Egas Moniz, CRL will divulgate the results of their cooperation and mobility activities within the Institution and across partner Institutions and other partner enterprises in order to take full advantage of these activities and facilitate exchange of good practices. It will be given the most relevance to any orientation resulting from monitoring actions carried out, in order to improve performance.

It is intended to increase the qualification levels of higher education and strengthen the link between education and the labour market, helping students to acquire the skills needed to deal with this transition.

The intensification of European and International cooperation will be a generator of innovation and growth in Europe.

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