Paediatric Dentistry Clinic II1

Clínica de Odontopediatria II

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Luísa Bandeira Pires Monteiro Lopes Theriaga

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:

Dentistry area large and multidisciplinary, it is intended that students acquire medical-surgical and dental training in paediatric dentistry. So students should:

  • Making diagnosis, plan and carry out treatments in paediatric dentistry. Preventing and preserving the good development of the stomatognathic system of child patient with a view to good oral and overall health over the life of the individual.
  • Recognize, understand and monitor the infant patient's behaviour in order to obtain their cooperation during the treatment as well as parental cooperation.

Introduction of new areas and deepening of the theoretical foundations, verbal and nonverbal communication, for better programming and treatment outcomes of the clinical act.
It is made the direct follow-up of the students by the teacher, for the acquisition of relative autonomy and evolutionary.



  1. Introduction to childrens oral surgery and related anesthesia.
  2. Medication and psychological preparation of the child surgical.
  3. Psychological considerations of the child versus adult.
  4. Conservative surgery.
  5. Germectomy.
  6. Dental self-transplant.
  7. Supernumerary.
  8. Dental trauma.
  9. Odontogenic infection and pathology of soft tissues in children.
  10. Benign and malignant tumors.


Implementation of dental care in the university clinic supervised by teacher responsible for the shift.
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