Oral Rehabilitation Clinic III1

Clínica de Reabilitação Oral III

Curse code:9548502

Paulo João Bela Teiga Durão Maurício

Learning outcomes of the curricular unit:
  • Knowing obtain and record a medical history, conduct an objective examination correctly, to interpret clinical findings and request to know the diagnostic exams necessary, considering the ethical and economic implicated.
  • Knowing perform a wide range of clinical procedures related to medical practice dentistry, among which include techniques for the prevention and treatment of oral diseases and abnormalities.
  • Develop in students the spirit of research and scientific rigor.
  • Provide the student with knowledge: about occlusion, fixed prosthesis, PPR and what materials appropriate to their achievement.
  • Share with patients provisional diagnosis of their problems and learn to propose treatment plans for their resolution.
  • Knowing the best diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in a perspective based on evidence.
  • Stimulate curiosity and interest so that it contributes to the development of dentistry.

Provide the student with an improvement in the various aspects of Oral Rehabilitation.

Oral rehabilitation of patients of the University Clinic ISCSEM the practical classes Oral Rehabilitation Clinic III will be provided in their own rooms with individual offices, equipped with all the equipment necessary for the proper practice of dentistry at the University Clinic, under the guidance and supervision of the assistant.
The practical exercises are performed individually and with care and mandatory.
Will be required theoretical knowledge and practical fixed prosthesis, PPR, PT, occlusion and surgery.
In practical classes the student will first perform all phases of tooth preparation and confection of provisional and the second stage will have to present written and oral group work on a topic chosen in accordance with the rules given.
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